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Real Estate Transactions

Adv. Asaf Arzi-Bitton is a real estate attorney in Tel Aviv, deals with real estate transactions of all kinds. Adv. Arazi-Bitton represents private buyers and sellers of second-hand apartments and buyers of new apartments. 

Other services given by our office are representation of entrepreneurs and tenants in urban renewal projects, and representation in commercial real estate transactions.


Asaf Arazi-Biton, adv., Israeli real estate attorney

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Gas Station
Concrete Construction
Residential Buildings
Real Estate Contract with Pen and Calculator

Registration and Correction of  Registration

Sometimes, the registration of the property in the registry office, the Israel Land Authority or the housing company is wrong or the property is not registered in your name. Registering the property is essential in order to exercise your rights. We have extensive experience in registering ownership and lease rights. We will represent you in the various authorities and make sure that the property is registered in your name.

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Representing entrepreneurs in Construction projects

Representation of entrepreneurs in projects of urban renewal, combination deals and commercial projects starting from the stage of the founders' agreement, the main project agreement and throughout the life of the project.

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